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Budget and Financial Information

Budget and Financial Information

Riverside County Budget Summary 

The FY 15/16 budget establishes $5.34 billion in appropriations for Riverside County, an increase of 12 percent from FY 14/15 adopted spending levels. Overall estimated revenue is projected to increase to $4.99 billion. The difference of $346.2 million is backed with fund balance and reserves.

The county budget is divided into three fund groups. Governmental funds account for basic services, such as public protection, social services, and general administration. Proprietary funds, such as the county medical center and internal service funds, reflect activities financed primarily by revenue generated from the activities themselves. Special districts perform governmental or proprietary functions within limited geographic boundaries. The table below summarizes the county budget by fund group.


Fiscal Year Comparison of Total County Budget Appropriations
(in millions)

FY 13/14 Actuals FY 14/15
Adopted Budget
FY 15/16
Adopted Budget
Change ($) Change (%)
Governmental Funds
General fund $2,537.2 $2,781.7 $3,100.8 $319.1 11%
Special revenue funds      357.6      404.5      423.6      19.1   5%
Capital project funds      159.3      239.5      254.4      14.9   6%
Debt service funds        35.1      423.6        39.5       0.6   2%
Total governmental funds 3,089.2 3,464.6 3,818.3 353.7 10%

Proprietary Funds          
Internal service funds      375.5      405.4   496.5   91.1 22%
Enterprise funds      561.3      551.5   663.2 111.7 20%
Total proprietary funds      936.8      956.9 1159.7  202.8 21%
Special District Budgets          
IHSS Public Authority        2.4         3.7        8.0      4.3 116%
Parks and Open Space District      15.5       25.6       35.8     10.2 40%
County service areas      12.0       17.1       19.1       2 12%
Flood Control District      75.4      182.7      185.2        2.5   1%
Waste Management District        3.5          4.1          4.1        0   0%
Capital Finance      72.1        84.3        88.0       3.7   4%
Cemetery District        0.5          0.7          0.6      -0.1 -14%
Children and Families Comm.      22.5        25.5        23.5      -2   -8%
Total special districts      203.9      343.7      364.2      20.5   6%
Grand Total $4,229.9 $4,765.2 $5,342.2 $577.0 12%

Source: Schedules 1 and 12

The FY 15/16 budget includes $3.1 billion in general fund appropriations, comprising 58 percent of the overall budget. General fund discretionary revenue continues to show modest growth. Estimated discretionary revenue is projected to increase from $678.8 million in FY 14/15 to $735.2 million in FY 15/16, an increase of $56.4 million, or 8.3 percent. Discretionary spending is $785.9 million, with the balance assuming $50.7 million in available fund balance. General fund contingency is budgeted at $35.5 million, or about 4.8 percent of discretionary revenue. If additional funding becomes available during the fiscal year, appropriations for contingency may be increased. No ongoing general funds are appropriated in the budget for new capital projects. Previously approved high priority projects will continue. The general fund reserve for economic uncertainty totals $124.7 million, and the reserve for budget stabilization is $50.6 million, together equaling 24 percent of discretionary revenue. The commitment for disaster relief totals $15 million.

Total Budgeted Appropriations

Within the overall $5.34 billion in appropriations, governmental fund appropriations total $3.82 billion. Broken out by function, the largest sector of overall county appropriations is for public protection at 27 percent, followed closely by public assistance at 23.2 percent and health and sanitation at 23.9 percent. These three functions comprise 74.1 percent of governmental fund appropriations, and over 56 percent of the county’s overall recommended appropriations. Growth in overall appropriations is attributable primarily to public assistance and public protection. Broken out by spending category, 41.5 percent of overall appropriations are for salaries and benefits, with 29.6 percent for services and supplies and 23.5 percent for other charges, such as debt service. Just 4.9 percent of overall appropriations are for acquisition of capital assets, and 0.4 percent of the overall budget is set aside for general fund contingency.


Total Estimated Revenues

The FY 15/16 budget includes $4.99 billion in estimated revenues. Within that, estimated governmental fund revenues total $3.68 billion. Of that, 46.4 percent is intergovernmental state and federal revenues, while charges for current services comprise 31.3 percent. Smaller revenue sources include taxes; licenses, permits and franchises; use of money and property; and fines, penalties, and forfeitures.



Your Tax Bill

We hope this information provides you with a better understanding of where your property tax dollars go, the amount the county actually receives (18¢ on the dollar) and how the Board of Supervisors distributes this revenue among county programs. There might be other assessments on your tax bill depending upon where you live. For information on those charges, please call the telephone numbers listed on your bill. For general information call (951) 955-1100, or visit the county's Internet site at

How were property taxes distributed in Riverside County in FY 2014-15?


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