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Strategic Plan

County's Strategic Plan

A Long-Range Service Plan for Riverside County Government

Final Report
Submitted to the Board of Supervisors by the

Strategic Vision Steering Committee
Chairman Roy Wilson, Supervisor, 4th District
Mr. Thomas Brown, 1st District Mr. Bill Havert, 3rd District
Mr. Lawrence Geraty, 1st District Mrs. Jamie Sepulveda-Bailey, 4th District
Mr. David Mudge, 2nd District Mr. Ed Kibbey, 4th District
Mr. Russell Bogh, 2nd District Mr. Manny Sanchez, 4th District
Mr. John Dalzell, 2nd District Mrs. Jane Block, 5th District
Mr. Stan Riddell, 3rd District Mr. Paul Gill, 5th District
Ms. Elaine Rowen, 3rd District Mr. Marion Ashley, 5th District


An exciting and critical time lies ahead for Riverside County as it approaches the 21st Century. Blessed with abundant natural and human resources, and occupying a key strategic location in the Southern California megalopolis, our County can expect to be an attractive location for economic development, affordable housing, and tourism. Population growth is projected by many experts to add over one million new residents to the County by the year 2020. To put things into perspective, this would be comparable to adding four new cities the size of Riverside to our region!

Growth of this magnitude will present serious challenges to our communities in the provision of quality municipal and countywide public services. As the area's largest unit of local government, the County of Riverside will play a key role in attempting to match limited resources with ever increasing service demands. This will be a monumental task, and it will require a high degree of cooperation among, and coordination between, units of local government, the private sector, and a myriad of non-profit, community-based organizations.

Most of all, if our community is going to achieve the higher quality of life that we all desire, it will take a shared vision of what we want this County to become, and how we want our public institutions to function.

Beginning in 1995, County government set about the task of articulating its vision and plan for the future. A fifteen-member panel of distinguished public citizens was appointed to provide taxpayer insight to, and oversee the development of, an organization-wide strategic plan. Each working unit of County government participated in the identification of critical issues, goal setting, and development of strategies to provide needed services and enhance public service to the year 2020. After several years of hard work by the Steering Committee and County staff, and thanks to considerable public input through community meetings and written comments, the accompanying document is presented for your review. We are calling it the County's Strategic Vision.

In this executive summary document, you will find a comprehensive statement of corporate values, guiding principles, vision for the future, goals and objectives for each functional unit of government, and identification of basic strategies that the County will be pursuing to carry out its mission of public service. This vision stems from a number of departmental strategic plans, which are listed in Attachment C. In the interest of brevity and readability, and in making feasible the mass distribution of this document, we have not appended those department-level strategic plans to this document. If the reader is interested in such level of detail, he is directed to contact the appropriate County agency or department.

We feel that our Strategic Vision document serves several important purposes. Most importantly, it fills an information void on the role and missions of County government, and the many factors that determine the quantity and quality of services that are provided to local taxpayers. We feel strongly that a well-informed citizenry enhances the institution of democratic government, and that this document should be widely distributed to students, taxpayers, and public officials. Secondly, Strategic Vision provides assurance that there is a well-conceived plan to manage, rather than simply react to, the many challenges that accompany growth. Thirdly, Strategic Vision serves as a foundation for future organizational improvement. Our most cherished goals, whether they be protecting and enhancing our natural environment or keeping our neighborhoods safe from crime, will be difficult to achieve without common focus and stakeholder "buy-in" of corporate values and guiding principles. And, lastly, Strategic Vision provides the public with a measuring tool for accountability of its public officials. In a nutshell, Strategic Vision represents the County's platform statement concerning what it is trying to accomplish, how tax dollars will be spent, and which strategies will be employed.

Of course, as new challenges and opportunities arise, County government will respond in a creative and responsive manner. It is the intent of the Board of Supervisors that the Strategic Vision document be annually revised to reflect evolving strategies and philosophies based on community priorities, changing demographics, available resources, and service needs.

The County organization urges you to provide us with your suggestions and ideas as to how this continually-evolving document can be made more useful to you as a member of our Riverside County community.

John F. Tavaglione
Chairman, Riverside County Board of Supervisors

Larry Parrish
County Executive Officer

Fundamental Principles and Priorities

Vision and Guiding Principles

Mission and Business

Balancing Services and Programs with Community Livability and the Environment

Service Goals and Strategies

Other Strategies

Attachment A -- Summary of "Outlook and Issues" Report to the Board of Supervisors, February 25, 1997

Attachment B -- Fundamentals of County Finance

Attachment C -- Consensus "Planning Principles

Attachment D -- List of Departmental Strategic Plans