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Supervisors agree to sue Moreno Valley over impacts from World Logistics Center

Supervisors agree to sue Moreno Valley over impacts from World Logistics Center

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The Board of Supervisors today (9/15) authorized the county to sue the City of Moreno Valley over the giant World Logistics Center warehouse development, but agreed to delay if the city agreed to properly address traffic issues and other environmental concerns.

The county reached out this afternoon (Tuesday) to city officials, who declined the county’s offer to postpone the filing if Moreno Valley would negotiate ways to mitigate the concerns.

The city approved the 40 million-square-foot project in August but did not adequately address traffic congestion, pollution and other problems the project would generate. The county is particularly concerned about traffic impacts on Gilman Springs Road and State Route 60, concerns the county raised while the project still was under review. The warehouse complex would generate an estimated 68,721 vehicle trips per day, including 14,007 trucks, that would create traffic congestion and pollution that Moreno Valley did not properly mitigate at the time the city council approved the project.

Despite the city’s refusal on the offer to delay the lawsuit, Riverside County officials remain open to discussion with the city in order to address the unmitigated impacts. The Board of Supervisors announced the decision to sue publicly after voting 5-0 in closed session to authorize the lawsuit.


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